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Why Squats are important in your fitness regimen?
Itís no surprise that exercise is great for getting in shape, becoming stronger, losing excess bodyfat, and looking better, but less visible are the improvements in type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart and lung diseases and relief of mental stress. As a result of proper exercise, one will also notice increasing ease with natural movements of walking, running, sitting down, rising from a chair or bed, or simply walking up and down stairs. These improvements are often experienced through a total body strength training and conditioning program of which leg exercise is extremely important.
Although walking stairs can be a way to improve the strength of your leg muscles, the muscle work offered in this form of exercise soon becomes too little for further improvement. In essence, your body becomes used to the movement and doesnít find it challenging. Keep in mind that your body must work above and beyond what it normally experiences in order to improve. This is the basis for overload training known as progressive resistance.
Exercising your legs means working the largest muscles of your body. This not only means strengthening your leg muscles but it also means conditioning your heart and lungs along with burning more calories during and after exercise. You will find this true by comparing the effort you put into exercising your arm muscles versus your leg muscles. Even if you are simply concerned with a stronger upper body, progress will become more evident when leg exercises are included in your total program.
There are some people who elect to join a gym for their exercise while others elect to do their exercise at home. Home exercise can be very beneficial but safety should be the number one concern to avoid any injury to you or your training partner (if you have one). For this reason, purchasing high-quality, effective equipment to use should be a major concern. Taking into consideration any limitations you might have, selection of proper equipment can be frustrating Ė too many choices.
With an understanding that the likes of squats can be the best exercises for strengthening and developing your leg, butt and core muscles, many find this exercise difficult - mainly because it is! However squatting has a positive impact on balance and coordination on your feet along with bone density of your lower body, hips and vertebrae.
There are many variations of squats like the bodyweight squat, goblet squat, front squat, back squat and hack squat. Similar to the squat are leg presses of a host of types and positions, all with the same movement of extending your hips and legs. And although the squat has you push downward, these other exercises have you push your legs outward, upward or even downward.
Common shoulder or back problems make it difficult to perform traditional squats. Reaching back to hold onto a bar that rests on the lower back of your neck can cause pain in the shoulder. Having to support an erect back with weight on your shoulders can cause unwanted pain in your lower back. These are only a couple of reasons why individuals elect to perform alternative leg exercises like leg presses and hack squats.
Having safe and productive alternative tools for performing the likes of squats is something New York Barbells has been doing for over 43 years. In continual production are products like Olympic Bars, Safety Squat Bars, Bow (Buffalo) Bars, Vertical Leg Presses, 45o Leg Presses, Horizontal Leg Presses and our reintroduced 4-Way Hip Sled. We bring the latest technology to customers at the highest quality and lowest prices.
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